The first ship to receive the FOCUS FORCES FLASH Of FRIENDSHIP Cunards QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 has been summoned from the Pacific on her return voyage to her home port in Southampton. She had been anchored after her annual visit to Australia was cut short due to the Coronvirus outbreak

QE2 departs the heads of Melbourne’s Port Philip Bay after her maiden visit Feb.2 2012.

To the captain and crew of the magnificent Liz the FOCUS FORCE KWC wish you safe and smooth journey home. The Flash Of Friendship has been presented to all of the Cunard liners, as well as MS EUROPA. The night of the Feb.2 2012 was special though with not only the Kids With Cameras on the beach, but also the ship ablaze with a myriad of flashes. It was truly spectacular. We look forward to when the world returns to a normality that we can live harmoniously in, and especially a place for the future of the Kids With Cameras. Smooth sailing QE2 and her sister ships, and to all those of the high seas. We look forward to welcoming you back to our ports.

The group including the Captain’s Choice sharp-shooter on the right presenting the QE2’S Captain Chris Wells being presented with the framed collection on board in Melbourne. Proud moment for all,



RECENTLY the words of the song came to mind – “the times they are a changin”. For most of us; they have never read more true. Who would have believed we would ever go through what we have just gone through, and continue to do so. It’s sound to much like science fiction; or something out of the movies.

But so often that is the case. Things change and we all become wary. Photography is probably no better an example.

From the earliest of centuries when it was first used by the artists to capture images, and then take them back to their studios to create the masterpieces that are now so valuable.

The people of that period believing that would be the end of the great artists, as others took up the skill with the assistance of the new technique. The talent went in other directions flourishing with the opportunity to expand the talents.

Then came the early commercial photographers traveling from place to place in covered wagons, and drawing crowds like a sideshow. So many of those images becoming the staple of family albums and history records.

At the turn of the 19th century saw the introduction of the Kodak box brownie. The camera now becoming a household item used to capture the family and everything else it enjoyed. Now it was open for even more to take advantage of.

The shape and design of the cameras became more creative in themselves going from the the box to more attractive and simpler shapes to handle and hold. Still the camera remained a light tight black box inside.

From the design, then came changes in other ways. At that stage, the paper moved into a new dimension with the the utilization of film. First black and white then with the eventual move to colour in the 60’s.

A leap forward to the 1980’s and beyond with the birth of the digital era. Once again, fear overtook the populations with the new technique believing to change the direction of photography, and indeed it did.

And indeed it did but not in a negative way! (Forgive the pun). But a far more positive reaction with more of the masses taking up the art or hobby as they preferred to call it.

It opened their eyes to hidden images and expanded their minds; inspiring them to look beyond the box. A change for the better.

All of this happening mostly in less than a century.There will be some reading this that will have missed most of this change. But for those that have, we have all lived through it, and changed with it. There never was anything to fear.

Now, if you have read this far as a Kids With Camera or other we liked to read how the camera has changed your point of view to the world around you.


Mothers Day Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock
Everybody took the day off!

Times are a changin’, and not even a 100 dollar reward could inspire one single shot of a Mum from anywhere in the world. That’s how it is! Perhaps they all gone shy. But, who knows in a world in lockdown what reasons may stand behind this response.
But, the extraordinary thing is that the FOCUSFORS facebook was viewed over 2000 times. However, that did not translate to a huge rollover to the focusfor website.

But still many took time to visit the site, and hopefully they picked up a few camera clues to taking better portraits.

FOCUS FORCE HAS MADE MOTHER’S DAY ’20 A WORLDLY EVENT. For Kids With Cameras from 8 to 15 years. Make it a Special Super Shot of the lady.

Mothers Day Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock


Red Bird - Home goods store | 2/17 Arabin St, Keilor VIC 3036 ...

RED BIRD is the Aladdin’s cave of gift ideas for your Mum. Or, on the other side it’s there for every woman who might like to find a trinket that will take her fancy. Choose a jewel from earrings to bracelets. Dress up with sassy coloured jumper, or sashay downtown in a dress that will turn the heads. Decorate your table, or bed with cloths or sheets that brighten your life. There’s so much to find at….


You will have the thrill of taking a great photo of your Mum on the day – or over the next week. And, seeing there are so many views from all over the world – FOCUS FORCE is extending the challenge to Kids With Cameras the world over. No matter whether you live in Australia or anywhere in the world; the chance is there for all KWC to get into the camera action. RED BIRD is creating a special package of goodies for the winning Mum. And, FOCUS FORCE will send direct to your Mum. The winning image will be announced on June 1st. NOW THAT’S WORTH A SHOT! Extended closing

You need to be between the ages of 8 to 15 years when you take the photos. – Each Kids with Cameras can enter up to 3 different images.The photos must be taken by the Kids With Cameras who submits the image. – Only ONE PHOTO can be altered or changed using a program including Photoshop or similar. GO TO ; FOYM – MAY-BE A WINNER FOR Kids With Cameras. It’s UP TO YOU.Posted on by and get a bag full of suggestions and hints on finding the best Super Shot of your Mum.




close-up of flowers blooming at night - flower moon stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
The moon beams through the flowers and stem in this blue moody image captured at night.

Kids With Cameras have their last chance to focus on a SUPER MOON for 2020. There have been already 3 Super Moons and now this one; the curtain call performance for the year – THE FLOWER MOON will adorn the night-time skies. Rising first on May 5 the enormous beauty will do encore appearances through until Thursday May 7 with it disappearing below the horizon on Friday night.

four yellow sunflowers

A strategically placed image with the moon looking to be a flower bud to offset the other sunflowers sprouting from the stem. A magical shot featuring the moon.

Pray to the Moon: Flower Moon: Just Me & My Boys.

A moon shot that has every chance of being achieved will be this as it glows through the clouds, or above or below them. With a large level of cover tonight, this will be all about timing when the glowing globe sneaks out from the night darkness to catch the eye.

You'll be able to spot a super 'flower moon' in the night sky this ...

Two images of the moon rising above the horizon.Above will be the most common depending on the cameras eye. The moon is important, but is nothing more than a dot in the sky with the tree adding interest. The one below taken with a more powerful lens bringing the whole image into a larger field of vision. The moon as it should do, dominates the image with the flowers in the foreground adding to the the theme of a flower moon.

820x462px | free download | HD wallpaper: sun flower, moon, sky ...

The ideal image is caught in this with both a flower and the moon being captured together. The dark shadow of the left emphasizing the colour and brightness of the combined subject. Let your head lead your imagination,

Moon Flowers HD HD wallpapers free download | Wallpaperbetter

What is a Flower Moon?

The May full moon is traditionally known as the Flower Moon simply because it appears at the time of blossoming flowers. This is more in keeping with the northern hemisphere where they are experiencing the season of Spring.


Halley's Comet in 1986 (Photo by F. Carter Smith/Sygma via Getty Images)

Down-under the skies will be alight once again with another meteorite shower showing off right across the east coast. And most likely further. This time the trail will come from Halley’s comet as it passes by earth. An event that happens every 76 years. The comet itself wont be visible but the debris strewn across the universe may be. It was last seen in our skies in 1986, and the next expected sighting is 2061.

The Eta Aquarids: A spring meteor shower from Comet Halley | Space

It will be there for you if you can keep your sleepy eyes open in the early hours of May 6th. And FF means early hours being just before dawn. Once again, the skies are tipped to light up with as many 20 meteorites an hour. The best advice seems to be; get rugged in your most warm woolies, chuck on a dressing gown, draw up a comfortable chair and lay back. Then stare and search the sky for whatever you might find.

The meteorite shower should be able to be seen by the naked eye throughout the week of May 4th through the 9th.

FOYM – MAY-BE A WINNER FOR Kids With Cameras. It’s UP TO YOU.


PINCH, PUNCH it’s the first of the month. And what a month it will be for Kids With Cameras. FOCUS FORCE is bringing back REWARD POINTS and the first tally will appear on the first of June. And the KWC with the HIGHEST TALLY will be in for a GRAND REWARD. Throughout the month, the KWC will be given a number of camera challenges. You don’t have to enter them all. But for those that you do your tally will climb the ladder. FOR 8 TO 15 YEAR OLDS.

Mothers Day Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

FIRST OFF – MOTHER’S DAY. The lady that is the darling of your heart, and you hers. So what better way to celebrate and commemorate the occasion than with a portrait of the lady taken by her favourite Kids With Cameras.

Mother and daughter taking a selfie with cleaning objects | Free Photo

SELFIES are the image of the moment. Cameras have been replaced by phones especially for this world wide task. So arm yourself with yours and get close and cuddly with her to capture the loving moment for you both.

Asian Mother and Daughter Taking Selfie Picture During Pumpkin ...

FIND YOUR OWN SPECIAL PLACE to capture the moment. It could be in the garden where she likes to sit and relax, it might be sitting amongst the hay on the farm, or perhaps getting into the swing of the day. Give her your best shot to remember the day together.

woman holding bouquet of tulip flowers

You have from the first of May until the 13th to capture your image and then until the 23rd to submit it. And, most of important is that it has to be work of the KWC who submits the image. So, get to it.

three generations of women riding bicycles - grandmother mother daughter stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Here’s an idea that will be a tribute to two. Include your mum, and her mum in the image. That will be a memory maker and a winner for the family. Try something like combining the two together enjoying an activity.

Yasmina Rossi - amazing what a bit of jewelry can do for a plain white shirt and black pants or jeans (love the long hair too! Going Gray Gracefully, Aging Gracefully, Long Gray Hair, Grey Hair, Yasmina Rossi, Silver Haired Beauties, Coiffure Hair, Ageless Beauty, Advanced Style

GET CLOSE and personal with the lady being the mum of the moment. Have her looking relaxed and enjoying herself as she should be on Mothers Day.

Róisín Ingle: The only Mother's Day playlist you need this Sunday

NEXT FRIDAY FOYM WILL ANNOUNCE A GRAND PRIZE – NOT FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER – BUT FOR THEIR MUM. Now, that’s the twist on gift giving. Register to be part at ;



FACEBOOK has proven to be a formidable FOCUS FORCE for Kids With Cameras throughout March and into April. Huge numbers never seen before as viewing the promo items were published. Unfortunately, these growth patterns have not translated across to Numerals up to to 2000 have been caught for several weeks. This means that many more people have seen images throughout the world. That’s good for the KWC as that is what the project is all about.THANKS to those who dropped by. Look forward to seeing you again.

Retired teacher Janice Tonkin cant keep the camera out of her hand. Generally addicted to bird images she took a step back after creating this memorial below her letterbox to show us this.

DOUBLE DEDICATION. While in isolation from the world this image taken showing 2 Aussie flags fluttering in the breeze. The poignant moment was caught as a family stops to ponder the moment… all maintaining social distancing. And, unknown to them being photographed to capture their tribute to the fallen.




ANZAC DAY – 2020



ANZAC day slouch hat art and craft

A Camera Challenge for Kids With Cameras from 7 yrs to 16 yrs.

Kids With Cameras SHOW & TELL YOUR BEST SUPER SHOTS OF THE DAY. Email them to

A family statue stands tall amongst the flowers. Image by Misha Raviparti.

Since the inception of ANZAC DAY, 25th of April, one hundred and five years ago it has never been cancelled. And, in fact this year is no different, other than how we will commemorate it. Australians and New Zealander’s alike will stop to respect the memory of those who took part in the events of those years. Those that boarded ships to go off and fight in foreign fields, sailed into treacherous seas and flew through unfriendly skies. All in the search of peace and freedom for those they left behind. FREEDOM for us; you and I and the families they came after. Now, this year there will not be the gatherings of thousands of people in sites across the country, but where-ever we are, we will still remember them and reflect on their sacrifices. How will you remember them. FOCUS FORCE invites you to create your own personal photographic memory of the day.

A powerful lighting focus on the poppies by FF KWC Misha Raviparti.

No matter where you are in isolation, you still have your camera or phone, and that’s all you need with a bit imagination and a touch of creativity. . Put you mind to it and think about the times and symbols of the era. What have your home that is part of the past. Could it be a;

Diggers Slouch Hat

A Jacket,


A fob or pocket watch.

Discharge papers and Certificates.

An old digger looking into the future eyes of FOCUS FORCE KWC Benjamin Daniels of Pt Lonsdale.

Medals and ribbons

Button from a uniform.

FF KWC Benjamin Daniels uses the memorial croosess with Melbourne Shrine in Background.

Wooden cross.

A nurses hat or cape.

Photographs and albums from the war periods.


Old photos of past family members in uniform.

Diary or the pages from a diggers daily recording.

Ration Book.

Floating Aussie Flag by FF KWC Madeleine Puli.

Australian or New Zealand flag.

A candle or lantern.

Metal plate and mug.

HINTS FOR MEMORABLE PHOTOGRAPHS Now, you have collected your items put on your thinking hats as how to photograph them. They are called props and how set them up is the essential trick of the day. Arrange them in a way that is artistically attractive and pleasing to the eye. Use tree trunks, fence posts, bricks or stones or blank backgrounds to emphasize the items.Remembering not to use too much to distract the eye of the viewers.

The National RSL has come together with a grassroots movement encouraging all Australians to stand at the end of their driveways or balconies for a moment of reflection at 6am April 25. We hope you will join this silent tribute to our past diggers.


Sunrise, the dawn of the new day was a new reckoning for the men in the trenches with the brassy sound of the bugle calling for Reveille. Likewise, at the setting of the sun the mournful sound would carry over the battlefield heralding the LAST POST to the troops.

As the dawn invades the sky bringing the light of day, it has been suggested that we gather on our verandahs, at front doors, gates and driveways to salute in solitary silence the rising rays on this nostalgic day. This would provide a very insightful image of the people Australia wide. Similarly, sunset will invoke the same mood.

A suggestion for a idea is a flickering candle with sunrise or sunset in the background shot at a lower shutter speed. Emotional moment frozen in time.


This Super Shot image not taken in the backyard by Catriona Alexander of Portland.

Build a monument that will stand the test of time, or something that may fade away at the end of the day. Let your imagination run wild using whatever you can find. And perhaps, you may have some toy soldiers that you can include or model tanks, trucks, ambulances, jeeps – whatever. And of course, photograph it making it large or small.


Create your own photo book, including the photos and writings of the day. Include family and friends who may have been with you. Make it a beautifully presented memorial of ANZAC DAY IN ISOLATION. Then you could also make copies of the book as a gift to others in your family – especially grandparents who you may not have been able to meet with on the day.


What better place than your own backyard, or the family holiday house? Think of the many other places that you could hide the treasure away? Then wait for an unveiling day – and what better date than APRIL 25, 2045? The 25th anniversary of the event. If you move on, pass a letter onto the new owners telling them the story of your day, and inviting them to unearth the historic memento on the anniversary. They will no doubt be thrilled to share in the houses history. If 25 years is too long; set your own date or duration. In a child’s mind – 5 years is an eternity.

Research – find out about relatives / ancestors who served (e.g.):

This image of Kangaroo Islands stands to attention for FF KWC Charlotte Nesfield of Penneshaw.

FOCUS FORCE is grateful for the input of ; Dr. Pete Marshall, Kim Griffith, Robert Klemm and Janice Tonkin in helping with preparation of this project.