THE TOP ROCKLEY POP PIKz FOR ’16. Here’s your choices.


DSCN1179[1]In a departure from previous years there will be no online voting for this year’s POP PIKz POLL with the only votes to count being by those who took the time to stop by the ROCKLEY FLOWER FOTO EXHIBITION and make their choices. Also for the first time too, FOCUS FORCE is showing some of the opinions of those who went to the trouble, and why they made their decisions. The Kids With Cameras should find it interesting, and inspiring as should the focusfor viewers. Also taking another bold step, not just two, but 4 of the images will be reproduced as KIDzPIKz ROCKLEY greeting cards. Congratulations to those 4. And if you chose them you can purchase a set in time for MOTHERS DAY gift giving for that special mum in your life. READ FOYM this week for more news as to the announcement of the winner of the framed image of the number one choice. If you chose it; you’re in the running.


POP PIKz NO. 1o. (KWC PH;MR.) Kim Pastore thought the sunflowers reminded her of a country setting. Can’t argue with that. Pete Mayers, visiting from Spain was inspired to say;” I love sunflowers, and the picture is so bright; like sunshine”.

rck16 sub. LP5

POP PIKz NO. 9.(KWC PH;LP.) Good blurred background and nice composition is how Rosemary Irving pondered this one. Kitty Ward compacted it into a simple observation of it shows the flowers, the sculpture and the hall.


POP PIKz NO. 8. (KWC PH; SF.) Lyndel Robinson loved the “olde worlde” elegance of the image. While Alan Walker, an obvious camera enthusiast was impressed by the leading lines of  the fence rail drawing you into the centred image of the statue. Esme Tyson felt this was clear, simple and beautiful.


POP PIKz NO. 7.(KWC PH;SF.) Kaye Boone was taken by the detail, close up and angle. I like hibiscus mused Kaylene Hyne and it has soft friendly colours. Margaret Juhl noted that macro had been used, and the images clarity. Kerry Marshall observed that the stamen is almost 3D – with a fuzzy background. Lovely, nice colours and angles was Victoria B’s opinion.

rck16 sub. LP8

POP PIKz NO. 6.(KWC PH;LP.) Rosemary Walsh said she could visualise it as a card. Melissa Ryan was impressed by it’s artistic merit.. Bernard Romerona thought the composition would make an eye-catching design.  

MP Tesslar tulip (1)

POP PIKz NO. 5.(KWC PH;MP.) Evelyn Corrin loves the colour and the fact that the flowers are not centre stage. The eye of Ursula Tursky was taken by the purple-green-green contrasts and the light.


POP PIKz NO. 4.(KWC PH;MR.) Kaden Caldicott was so impressed wrote this opinion; Center third (so not centred), blurry background. Sharp image. Bright subject and dark background. Love it. So, what else is there to say! Except for this by Chloe Stewart of Canada who said it looked like a good greeting card photo.

rck16 sub. LP4

POP PIKz NO. 3. (KWC PH;LP.)  I love the composition said Bev Lundberg, and that the flower fills the frame. And florist  Deanne Elliot of New South Wales finds it hard to find suitable images on sympathy cards. This, she thinks fits the bill. Lyndel McManus found it to be perfect rose and well composed.

rck16 sub. LP9

POP PIKz NO. 2. (KWC PH;LP.) It is a very different, yet inspiring photo. A unique way to view flowers and I love blue! Please compliment the young photographer highly for me. The way is everything is all blue – it looks nice said Nadia K. Sophie Cook was taken by the colour tone consistency, and well framed. Donna Dunning found it to be unusual and so beautiful. Chris McClean also impressed by the unusual colour blue, and reflections are lovely.


POP PIKz NO. 1.(KWC PH;LP.)  Camelias are a favourite of mine wrote Mavis Clegg. I like how there are 3 blooms photographed, and there are raindrops.  Lily Farrah said simply; “it looks good”. Jenny MacDonald liked the water drops, and organization of branches. Sharon Mills couldn’t go past it’s clarity, colour and design. Rose Bickle; it has a lovely view with the dew on the petals. Judy Lackman said it is well focused and has great detail, and is well centred.


Those who made number one CHOICE will go into a draw with the winner taking out a framed enlargement of the image, and also receiving 25 copies of the KIDzPIKz ROCKLEY greeting card. POP PIKz  pollers of the top 4 will also go into a draw to receive 25 copies of their CHOICE as well. To be announced FOYM April 29.  







About focusfor

The FOCUS FORCE photographic workshop program for Kids With Cameras is based in Melbourne, Australia. The projects have gone beyond the Victorian borders, into New South Wales, and Tasmania.Through others including a backpacker it has been provided to children in Thailand, and a teacher in Portugal has inspired children there as well. Apart, from the fun of learning about the camera and developing the skill of taking better photos; the best of which are raised to the status of SUPER SHOTS,the works have been mounted as collections under the banner of the FOCUS FORCE FRIENDSHIP EXHIBITIONS, and sent as gifts of friendship and goodwill to the United States, Italy, Japan, China - others are still being worked on. The program enrciches the children's knowledge, and as a side benefit makes them more aware of their own surroundings,and all that is to value where they live. Then comes the delight of being achievers, and having their self esteem boosted by their successes.The term "kids with cameras" was first used by the program's forerunner; CLICKER - the "club for kids with cameras", and dates back to the mid 1980's. The name change came about as wanting to be more appropriate to the older student group that the program now works with.

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