Lauren continues her trek through the Melbourne zoo, taking us on a SUPER SHOT searching safari that has its level of successes. For those who travel on the journey with her, you will see a young developing eye, and imagination. She was intrigued by the Butterfly House returning there, after a first visit. It is interesting to see what fascinated her, most of which will do the same for the viewer.

Below we see the first 3 images which are entered into the close up category, then the next 3 come into the creativity section. All worthy of a POST Of PRAISE in their own right.


ffzoo15crtv-lp2. Penguins all lined up in the corner with not an Oddball to be seen. The image is full of atmosphere with the clever backdrop and scene that is worthy of SUPER SHOT consideration, and certainly a POST Of PRAISE.


ffzoo15crtv-lp1 The zebra was not the only one with their nose to the ground, as was the KWC in her quest to find SUPER SHOTS. Using clever composition, and a background that adds to, and not distract the viewer. A clever find that deserves your POST Of PRAISE.


ffzoo15crtv-lp3. Here Lauren had difficulty avoiding fences, undeterred she went this geometric image contrasting the animals pattern against the wall. Can you see a similarity in the design?
ffzookng LPffzookng-lp. For those of us too young to remember Skippy, the bush kangaroo. Let Lauren introduce you to his city cousin, who certainly shows no sign of being camera shy. Close and personal with a steady hand.

ffzoo15crtv-LP1ffzoo15cl-lp1.This image is a study in patience with Lauren spending heaps of time setting the scene. For that she is to be congratulated. But, if you look beyond her fingertips; you will see the light. Taking into consideration that she did this all by herself including holding the camera the image warrants your praise for imagination alone.


ffzoo15cl-lp2. Caught snoozin on the job, is less than we can say for Lauren. Clever use of natural light, highlights the animals features, and certainly gives it a snowy beard. An apt image of what animals do naturally. Finding SUPER SHOTS is all about patience and persistence and some of these will be successful in that quest.

SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION for Lauren’s work with a POST Of PRAISE. FOCUS FORCE knows that she will be thrilled and be appreciative when she reads them. Enter your POP in the LEAVE A REPLY section on the bottom of the page, and press post.

Melbourne Zoo – Official Site


A beautifully finished calendar featuring a different SUPER SHOT image for each month in full colour by the FOCUS FORCE Kids With Cameras including Misha, Madeleine, Lauren, Stacey and Alysha. An ideal gift for family and friends that will look delightful on your desk or mantelpiece. A proud result for the KWC. For details email; ffgardenshow15

    ANOTHER ADDITION to the 2016bPRODUCTS Range is the FAV FOTOS magnetic calendar.


About focusfor

The FOCUS FORCE photographic workshop program for Kids With Cameras is based in Melbourne, Australia. The projects have gone beyond the Victorian borders, into New South Wales, and Tasmania.Through others including a backpacker it has been provided to children in Thailand, and a teacher in Portugal has inspired children there as well. Apart, from the fun of learning about the camera and developing the skill of taking better photos; the best of which are raised to the status of SUPER SHOTS,the works have been mounted as collections under the banner of the FOCUS FORCE FRIENDSHIP EXHIBITIONS, and sent as gifts of friendship and goodwill to the United States, Italy, Japan, China - others are still being worked on. The program enrciches the children's knowledge, and as a side benefit makes them more aware of their own surroundings,and all that is to value where they live. Then comes the delight of being achievers, and having their self esteem boosted by their successes.The term "kids with cameras" was first used by the program's forerunner; CLICKER - the "club for kids with cameras", and dates back to the mid 1980's. The name change came about as wanting to be more appropriate to the older student group that the program now works with.

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  1. Another great series of ohotos Lauren! I especially like the Zebra up close and the butterfly on your hand. It took a long time for one to land and then you managed to get this wonderful photo! I love the cheekiness of the kangaroo and the interesting textures in the giraffe photo. Well done – we are very proud of you. Love Mum xx

  2. Hi Lauren, love your second lot of photos, I like the best the penguins 15crtv-lp2 and beautiful butterfly 15cl-lp. You have a lot of patience to get this one. Keep it up love Grandma.

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