November 13. 2015


TODAY, we begin a project series focusing on animals in captivity, and our zoos.  Beginning with the MELBOURNE ZOO these images by Lauren Puli opens our eyes to the beautiful surrounding that these creatures call home. Zoos DO MORE than keep animals, they give us the opportunity of seeing the creatures in what is considered as being as close to their natural habitat, they also provide the op for them to be researched to help them survive in the wild. Melbourne’s zoo considered to a leader in the field of breeding, and studying endangered species is rated as the third best in the world. Laura exposes her best shots here, with more to come on Sunday. Make her proud with a  POST  Of  PRAISE.

These images are from the first two categories. The ch in the code stands for photographers choice, and the ntl for animal in the native environment.


ffzoocc15-ch-lp6. This is truly an adventurous monochrome shot (black and white), and is a throwback to days of old when all photographs were only b/w. Many photographic hobbyists believe this to be best method of all. For this shot however, the closeness of the subject, and the background provides a natural concept. A case of thinking differently.


ffzoocc15-ntl-lp2. Nearly the same concept as above, but in reality a little misleading, because when you look closely there is colour in the image. Once more, carrying the concept well of having the animals look as if they are in natural settings, not confined to the enclosures of the zoo. These images are from the first two categories. The ch in the code stands for photographers choice, and the ntl for animal in the native environment.


ffzoocc15-ch-lp5 Are they lining up to take the plunge, or just out to enjoy the scenery, who Knows?  There’s certainly no room to pass. But for Lauren and her camera they proved a rewarding subject. Fine detail in the shells is captured by holding the camera still and maintain sharp focus. The water provides another natural background enhancing the subject.


ffzoocc15-ch-lp4. Extreme natural light works like s flash. Well composed and an image that would look good in a nature magazine. The butterflies are constantly on the move, and so are a difficult target, light any subject with wings.


ffzoocc15-ntl-lp3 The shiny leathery skin reflects on the ripple of the water, as the hippo finds refreshment from the water, quenching it’s thirst as it would do in the wilds of Africa. It’s a lovely peaceful shot, that invites the viewer to reflect on the scene. Laurens angle getting down low, and shooting across the surface adds depth to the image, making the most of what she had.


ffzoocc15-ntl-lp1. This butterfly is a beauty in simplicity. Resting briefly on the leaf, the green sets off the brilliance of the insects yellow wings with it’s patterns. Waiting for the moment, and then being able to capture it, is a photographers reward, and that’s what this image would have achieved for our young clicker

Melbourne Zoo – Official Site

SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION for Lauren’s work with a POST  Of  PRAISE. FOCUS FORCE knows that she will be thrilled and be appreciative when she reads them. Enter your POP in the LEAVE A REPLY section on the bottom of the page, and press post.


A beautifully finished calendar featuring a different SUPER SHOT image for each month in full colour by the FOCUS FORCE Kids With Cameras including Misha. An ideal gift for family and friends that will look delightful on your desk or mantelpiece. A proud result for the KWC. For details email; ffgardenshow15


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About focusfor

The FOCUS FORCE photographic workshop program for Kids With Cameras is based in Melbourne, Australia. The projects have gone beyond the Victorian borders, into New South Wales, and Tasmania.Through others including a backpacker it has been provided to children in Thailand, and a teacher in Portugal has inspired children there as well. Apart, from the fun of learning about the camera and developing the skill of taking better photos; the best of which are raised to the status of SUPER SHOTS,the works have been mounted as collections under the banner of the FOCUS FORCE FRIENDSHIP EXHIBITIONS, and sent as gifts of friendship and goodwill to the United States, Italy, Japan, China - others are still being worked on. The program enrciches the children's knowledge, and as a side benefit makes them more aware of their own surroundings,and all that is to value where they live. Then comes the delight of being achievers, and having their self esteem boosted by their successes.The term "kids with cameras" was first used by the program's forerunner; CLICKER - the "club for kids with cameras", and dates back to the mid 1980's. The name change came about as wanting to be more appropriate to the older student group that the program now works with.

9 responses »

  1. Greetings dear Lauren!!!
    What a delight once again viewing your latest venture with your camera! You cleverly captured such different features of zoo animals and the habitat you found them in!!! Oh yes! what a clever skillful shot of the butterfly. You caught the moment! Congrats once again!!
    Best wishes Aunty Victoria

  2. Lauren – you did such a great job with these photos. You put in a big effort on the day, always looking for the best shot. I especially love the meerkat photo – we had a lot of fun watching them and I think the background in the photo is as interesting as the animal. Well done and hope this inspires you to do more!! Love Mum.

  3. Der Lauren, great photos, love them all, but i love the lp3 the best. It is so peaceful. You mast have had a good day at the Zoo. Cant wait for the next lot. Love grandma.

  4. Incredible photos, especially considering they have been taken by a child as young as yourself Lauren. I am always amazed at the new subjects you choose to capture from plant life to still life to animals and all of them are just so lovely. Well done and I am sure you will keep on finding interesting subjects for us to view in the future. Awesome !!!
    Love Aunty Doris

  5. once again Lauren has showed a talent for capturing a subject and displaying it in an artistic way.
    her merecats are portrayed and come across as cheeky ( as she is) and then her butterflies show the softer side of her…..all photos are beautifully shot ….I could not choose the best because I loved them all.

  6. Fantastic photos Lauren! I especially love the meerkat photo and the close up photo of the butterfly resting on the leaf. Well done, you should be very proud!

  7. As I looked at all your photos, I too liked them all, and hard to choose, coz they are so different.
    The hippo photo – and the shine on the water, and the colours. – love it.
    Love the softness and colours of the butterfly, I am amazed at what you see and captured, just 8 years of age. Keep doing what you love Lauren. Love Nan.

  8. Hi Lauren,
    Your photos are amazing!! I like how you really think about your background and where to position your main focus in the picture. My favourite is the close up of the butterfly because the bright orange against the perfectly green leaves is amazing. Keep up the great work!!

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