After a month of impressive ROCKLEY FLOWER FOTO REVIEWS, here is the outcome with Lauren Puli making  her mark with an impressive REWARD PONTS score which will grow as the year progresses, as will the others. On the 7th of June you will discover one of the reasons it will be important to make the total climb. Here, is how the tally was calculated for this project. Participating in the project at the MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FLOWER & GARDEN SHOW this year; 100 REWARD POINTS. 100 REWARD POINTS for each submission. 200 REWARD POINTS for each POST Of PRAISE within the first 40 hours (5.00pm day after posting). 100 REWARD POINTS for each subsequent POP. 300 REWARD POINTS for each participants first CHOICE. 200 REWARD POINTS for each second CHOICE. 500 REWARD POINTS for the MOST POPULAR. 300 REWARD POINTS for the SECOND MOST POPULAR  200 for the THIRD MOST POPULAR. The top 3  from each participant will be included in the finals for POP PIKz POLL at the 2016 MELBOURNE GARDEN SHOW.


rck16 sub. LP4

RCKSUB16-LP4.Lauren takes out the MOST POPULAR with this image.

Part. Subs.  POP (1)  POP (2)  INDIV(1)  INDIV(2)  INDIV (3)  MOST POP (1)  MOST POP(2)  MOST POP (3)   100    100           2000       200                     500                                                                                     Total REWARD POINTS.  3100 rck16 sub. LP2. RCKSUB16-LP2 Lauren takes out THIRD MOST POPULAR with this image.

Part. Sub. POP (1)POP (2)INDIV(1)INDIV(2)INDIV (3)MOST POP (1)MOST POP(2)     100                                                   200                                                         300                                                                     Total REWARD POINTS. 600

rck16 sub. LP9


Part. Sub.  POP (1)  POP (2)  INDIV(1)  INDIV(2)  INDIV (3)  MOST POP (1)  MOST POP(2)  MOST POP             100                                                                           100                                                                                                            Total REWARD POINTS.  200  Plus additional SUB RWP 500 GRAND TOTAL 4500


Misha_Directors4RCKSUB16-MR4. Part.Subs.POP (1)POP (2) INDIV(1) INDIV(2)INDIV (3) MOST POP (1) MOST POP(2) MOST POP (3)                          100     100    400   200                                                                                                                                      Total REWARD POINTS. 800

RCKsub16-MRHRCKSUB16-MR5 Part. Subs.POP (1) POP(2)INDIV(1)INDIV(2)INDIV (3)MOST POP (1)MOST POP(2) MOST POP (3)                                    100                                                     200                                                                                                      TOTAL  REWARD POINTS.  300

RCKsub16-MR1RRCKSUB16-MR2 Part. Sub.POP (1)POP (2)INDIV(1)INDIV(2)INDIV (3)MOST POP (1) MOST POP(2)MOST POP (3)                               100                                                                       100                                                                                  Total REWARD POINTS.  200 Plus Additional SUB RWP 600  GRAND TOTAL 1900


rck16 sub. MP3

Madeleine took out second most popular image with this.

RCKSUB16-MP3. Part. Sub.POP (1) POP (2) INDIV(1) INDIV(2) INDIV (3) MOST POP (1) MOST POP(2) MOST POP (3)                             100  100                              300                                                                                 300                                                                                      Total REWARD POINTS.  800

RCKSUB16-MP6RCKSUB16-MP6. Part. Subs.POP(1)POP(2)INDIV(1)INDIV(2)INDIV(3) MOST POP (1) MOST POP(2)MOST POP (3)                                       100                    200                                                                                                                                       Total REWARD POINTS. 300

rck16 sub. MP1RCKSUB16-MP1. Part. Subs.POP(1)POP(2)INDIV(1)INDIV(2)INDIV(3)MOST POP (1) MOST POP(2)  MOST POP (3)                                    100                                                               100                                                                                       Total REWARD POINTS. 200  GRAND TOTAL Plus additional 300 SUB RWP 1600

CONGRATULATIONS to each of the submission makers. The judge will make HER CHOICEs,and these will be published in mid June.


About focusfor

The FOCUS FORCE photographic workshop program for Kids With Cameras is based in Melbourne, Australia. The projects have gone beyond the Victorian borders, into New South Wales, and Tasmania.Through others including a backpacker it has been provided to children in Thailand, and a teacher in Portugal has inspired children there as well. Apart, from the fun of learning about the camera and developing the skill of taking better photos; the best of which are raised to the status of SUPER SHOTS,the works have been mounted as collections under the banner of the FOCUS FORCE FRIENDSHIP EXHIBITIONS, and sent as gifts of friendship and goodwill to the United States, Italy, Japan, China - others are still being worked on. The program enrciches the children's knowledge, and as a side benefit makes them more aware of their own surroundings,and all that is to value where they live. Then comes the delight of being achievers, and having their self esteem boosted by their successes.The term "kids with cameras" was first used by the program's forerunner; CLICKER - the "club for kids with cameras", and dates back to the mid 1980's. The name change came about as wanting to be more appropriate to the older student group that the program now works with.

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