WITH ONLY WEEKS TO GO, MADELEINE TOOK TO THE STREETS OF MELBOURNE WITH A FOCUS FORCE Kids With Cameras CREW for a practice run for her mission in New York city. She battled with herself like all the others striving to find images to make the cut to be included in the FOCUS FORCE FRIENDSHIP ALBUM to be delivered to the SCHOOL of the BLESSED SACRAMENT. While at the same time, making them all aware of what they could do with a camera in their hands.


714MP12. Madeleine was at the crossroads; ready to take her next steps in the search for CITY of CONTRASTS SUPER SHOTS. Come on,tag along in her camera bag as she takes a stroll around town and finds it to be an enchanting place to be with a camera.


714Mp10. Lines in all direction takes you down the street of discovery with a magnificent CITY of CONTRAST view with the grey look of the intersection and the gleaming look of the Commonwealth Bank looming over the city streets.


714M Buskers from the world over entertain on the city streets adding another contrast to those rushing by to hose sitting on the old town hall steps (now the H&M stoXXXX


714MP6. Bikes not only becoming part of the city scene providing a contrast to transport, they regularly are placed nowadays around the city with advertising placards attached. Like some of the other KWC on the shoot, Madeleine found them a worthy subject to focus on.

714MP17. Below                                                                                                                              714MP4. Below











 Two images of these landmark establishments caught the young photographers eye with these. Two contrasting ideas with the photo on the left using the remaining foliage on the branches to add interest to the scene. On the right, a town hall window reflects upon another building with the brilliant coloured yellow flowers taking your eye.


714MP1. The doorway to exquisite taste in all things luxurious and beautiful. The impressive door handle gives you the feeling of entering another world, and one that Madeleine found with an inquisitive eye. One that she hopes will open the door to a SUPER SHOT.

COC714MP14714MP15 Again, we see an image similar to an earlier one that’ shows of the dramatic contrast of design together with construction materials. An image that illustrates Melbourne’s modern building contrasts, and the looks of today that attract the attention of all who study them.












714MP3 All things to point for Myer Melbourne as below the verandahs the crowds rushed to bag a bargain, oblivious of what is above them and how hard the FOCUS FORCE KWC were working to find these images. On the other side “STRIKE” is what is being hoped for in this image that operhaps might just “bowl” the CHOICE MAKERS over.714MP15


714MP9.The cold chilly streets of the city are brightened with the warming contrast of the colours of the flowers on the stand outside the town hall. Stands like these are peppered around the city just as they are in the Big Apple.

714MP20714MP20. We started this tour of the city looking for the images that showed the CITY Of CONTRASTS with a street view of view and now, we come to the end of this journey looking down the shadowy domain of a laneway running off the Bourke mall. The walls creating a canvas for the painters of the night, who disappear with the appearance of the twilight of early morn leaving behind their masterpieces. Just like they would do in New York. 













WRITE A POST of PRAISE choosing two of the images you see each day that you consider would make a picture postcard view of Melbourne to be reproduced as a KIDzPIKz postcard. The high scorers will then be considered for the collection which FOCUS FORCE FRIENDSHIP AMBASSADOR Madeleine Puli will pack into her luggage to hand out to New York Kids With Cameras. Just write the image numbers in your post and we’ll do the rest.

HOW TO POST A PRAISE; Choose the SUPER SHOT submission you like most. Go to bottom here, and click on “leave a comment” then  nominating the Kids With Cameras name, and the image number in the post. Then add a few words of praise to encourage them. It’s that easy.






About focusfor

The FOCUS FORCE photographic workshop program for Kids With Cameras is based in Melbourne, Australia. The projects have gone beyond the Victorian borders, into New South Wales, and Tasmania.Through others including a backpacker it has been provided to children in Thailand, and a teacher in Portugal has inspired children there as well. Apart, from the fun of learning about the camera and developing the skill of taking better photos; the best of which are raised to the status of SUPER SHOTS,the works have been mounted as collections under the banner of the FOCUS FORCE FRIENDSHIP EXHIBITIONS, and sent as gifts of friendship and goodwill to the United States, Italy, Japan, China - others are still being worked on. The program enrciches the children's knowledge, and as a side benefit makes them more aware of their own surroundings,and all that is to value where they live. Then comes the delight of being achievers, and having their self esteem boosted by their successes.The term "kids with cameras" was first used by the program's forerunner; CLICKER - the "club for kids with cameras", and dates back to the mid 1980's. The name change came about as wanting to be more appropriate to the older student group that the program now works with.

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  1. WOW! How hard is it to choose just two? 714MP20 graffiti art in lane way is one of my favourites – being able to take that shot with only a one person in it is surely a classic case of a photographer being in the right place at the right time! My other favourite is 714MP6 of the bicycle. Love the angle, the colours (especially the flowers and the pastel blue helmet), it shows that little bit of quirkiness which Melbourne has. Madeleine you have once again done a phenomenal job and I can’t wait to see what Big Apple shots you bring home with you xx

  2. Madeleine, another great collection of photos. I especially like 714MP20 of the lane way and how you have captured a moment in time. I also like the detail in 714MP1, the door handles to Tiffany. your ability to see and capture the detail in your surroundings is a real skill. You see things most of us never notice. Well done!

  3. Loved all the photos Madeleine. My favourite two were 714MP9 and flower stand and 714MP20 the lain way with the graffiti. Great job and keep it up.

  4. Madeleine it has been hard to choose, because they are all so different. You have captured a lot of melbourne city through your eyes. It has taken me half an hour to choose my favourite . 714MP9 I love the look of the cold chilly street of the city, and then the brightness of the beautiful flower stand, just love it. My second choose is 714M the buskers, the reason why for me is my eyes only saw the buskers for a second and then realised the background of people going their own way and then I saw the buildings, I can almost hear them playing. Well done Madeleine.

  5. Love your photo’s Maddy. I had an amazing day with you and your mother. I love the little alleyway with all the graffiti. (714MP20) Was really Awesome. I could see what your mum was talking about.verall you did an outstanding job. 🙂

  6. 714MP20 captures one of Melbourne’s great attractions viz its public art. Melbourne’s laneways are full of some extraordinary street art and it is good to show that to the world.
    714MP9 is also one that I particularly like because of its simple beauty and warmth in a wintry cityscape.
    714MP6 also said something to me about Melbourne. It has become bicycle friendly. Shame there was not a tram coming down the street as background to make it an even stronger ‘environmental’ statement.

    • Great Job Madeleine! I loved photo 714MP20 the lane way of graffiti, it was great. I also like picture 714MP12 it showed a great view of the towers.

  7. I just love photo 714MP20 …..the laneway, the graffiti and the person walking down the lane in solitude tells a story of its own. The photographic 3D effect places you there in the laneway giving the story a larger impact. Well done Madeleine keep up the good work!

  8. I love the 714MP9 Flower stand and the 714MP20 lane way!! wow madeleine you are really good at photography and i wish i took those photo’s!!!

  9. Wow Madeleine! I loved all your amazing images but I especially liked the lane way image which depicted the amazing artwork 714MP20. You have captured all the amazing aspects of our spectacular city through your photos. I’m sure the students OS will be just as amazed.

  10. 714MP1.(door handle) and 714MP20 (graffiti laneway) I love both of these photos because my eyes were fixated on them the moment I saw them. I love the symmetry of both the photos. The photos are balanced and as you pay further attention there is so many details to enjoy, without being overwhelming. Well done Madeleine!!!

  11. I love MP 15 and MP 20. How did you get that person to walk up the laneway at exactly the right moment? I like the angles in 15 and how they interact with each other.
    You have a ‘good eye’ Madeleine. Keep clicking!

  12. Madeleine, My favourite pics are 714MP20 of the laneway and 714MP15 of the building contrasts. These two images capture what Melbourne is about. The contrast in architecture and the lane way artwork that Melboure is famous for. I look forward to seeing the photos you (we) will take in New York!

  13. Hi Madeleine, You little smart girl! I love your 714MP20 and 714MP6 photos. Contrasting subjects are clever theme in photography. Not only that creates contrasts but the interrelations of the past, present and future progress and development of the place. I like the way you took that guy walking silently surrounded with the mysteries of paintings done by artists in the night. It is quiet and no wonder what this guy was thinking about. Well done! Good luck with your new adventure in New York.

  14. great work Madeline loved all your photo’s but the two i liked best was 714MP20 and 714MP4. wish you the best with your photography!

  15. Hi Madeleine, photo 714MP20 is absolutely awesome and truly depicts our wonderful Melbourne and it’s unique colourful street art. You should be very proud of your photography. Well done

  16. Well done Madeleine, your photos are amazing! My favourites would have to be 714MP20 of the laneway with the artwork as it is truly Melbourne. I also really like 714MP4, but all of your photos are fantastic so it is difficult to choose only two! Well done!

  17. My favourite photos are 714mp12 of the street signs and 714mp1 of the handle. I like the street sign and the handle because they were all in focus. Good job Madeleine !!!!!!!😃 from Lauren 💗

  18. Madeleine My favourite photo is MP20…the bright colours of the paintings on the buildings and yet the cold wet day and the solice of the person , head hung low,one wonders what is going through his mind….all other photoes were good , especially the doorway, a great shot indeed….you have really captured Melbourne

  19. Aunty Victoria
    Madeleine, at last l have the opportunity to view your very creative skills when using your camera.l really look forward to following your journey with your photography. All your photos do show all the contrast a city has to offer.714MP2O and 714 MP6 stood out for me with this set of photos. Keep enjoying this fantastic experience and remember how very proud l am of you!!!!

  20. Madeleine you have a real eye for photography. Another great collection of photos! My favourite is the alley way shot 714MP20, as i live the symmetry of it and the way your eye is drawn in by the strong lines. I also love 714MP15 with the contrast of city buildings and mixture of lines converging. It captures the diversity of our city. Keep up the great work!!

  21. Madeleine, you have a sharp eye to capture the souls and essence of the moment. My favorite is 714PM15 what a great material and composition based on contrast. And 714MP6 the bike is getting back on our era to reflect the society care about environmental issues nice!

  22. Hi Madeline – i think you have found your calling! These photos are amazing! My favourites were hard to pick but are: 714MP12 / 714MP15 but my absolute favourite is 714MP20! I would buy that get it framed and put it up on a big wall at home! It represents Melbourne to a tee! The symmetry is perfect and l love that you have caught a person perfectly in the center of the shot. Looking forward to hearing the results. Keep up the amazing work! Get your Dad to buy you a good SLR!! 😉

  23. Hi Madeleine,
    All the photos are excellent but if I was to choose two it would be the doors 714MP1 because they look very fancy and like you said I am ready to walk right in. I also like the lane way 714MP20 because it is very bright and colourful (like you). When you look at the photos it is like i am there looking though my eyes. Good job and a great effort!!!!

  24. Madeleine I loooooooooooooooove your pics GREAT JOB !!! Pic no. 714M is our favourite because you have shown a lot of contrast between people and buildings of Melbourne. The other we like is the laneway pic 714MP20 because it’s clever, bright and colourful. 🙂

  25. Madeleine, I loved all of your fabulous photos. Your talent and passion for photography comes through in all your images. Well done! My favourite photos would have to be the stand of colourful flowers 714MP9 and that of the bike 714MP6. BRAVISSIMA!

  26. Madeleine, I felt like I was in the city with you. I especially loved your lane way photo (714MP20) as it was bright and colourful with a hint of mystery. It sparked my imagination and had me wondering where did the lane way lead to and who was the mystery person in the green jacket. Hmmmmm, so delightfully intriguing.

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