SBE170kbv1.The moment of truth by Kiani, and finally the moment has arrived to celebrate this moment in time. And that’s what photography is all about. Capturing that moment for the history books. Once again, look how the ship makes ants on those waiting to greet and admire her.

*Additional images in this category will be published at a later date with most being HIGHLY COMMENDED.

HERE IT IS; DAY ONE of the first of the finalists exposures, and what more fitting to start with than the ARRIVAL of the good ship MS EUROPA. This, the first in the series in the lead up to the FOCUS FORCE PRESENTATION NIGHT for the MS EUROPA – TAKE A BOW for the FLASH OF FRIENDSHIP, features the 5 finalists in the category, and the first of 2 to be chosen by Captain Hagen Damaschke. Like a blushing bride ,all radiant and splendid in  gleaming white, she made a late entrance.But nobody noticed waiting in expectation for history to be made.
The FOCUS FORCE Kids With Cameras assembled not long after daybreak, and then went into action – many of them throughout the day searching for their SUPER SHOTS.
Now, you can be a judge, and make your CHOICE and make a POST of PRAISE at the bottom. The FOCUS FORCE Kids With Cameras will be delighted, and earned DOUBLE REWARD POINTS. Only two CHOICES per POST. GO FOR IT!


SBME143CMcK1. Small boats bob on the water, as the MS EUROPA creates her own waves as she prepares to be the first ever cruise liner to enter the port of Portland. Taken by Courtney it creates its own overview with the boats beautifully placed in the foreground. An inspirational shot from young Courtney that certainly deserves your praise.


SBME150CA1.This image by Catrioina provides for a perfect leading eye as the camera takes your down the pier and then to the Ms Europa. The lush green foliage, so fresh and strong in the foreground does nothing to intrude on the image. Instead adding to the concept by providing a frame for picture. A well composed and thought out shot.


SBME77ml1The Europa still with a distance to cover before she comes into the harbor makes a stunning image as she ploughs through the water heading towards her date with history. It’s an interesting shot by Manning so much as it looks as the photo could have been taken out at sea. But then we know it wasn’t don’t we!  ??????????

 SBME17sSF7.An image that uses a low perspective to get your attention. Getting down and dirty and shooting across the tops of ties to where the ship lies in the distance. What particularly works well in this is the clarity and color of the water adding to the atmosphere of the shot. PTLDSBM666MF10

 666MF10.The MS EUROPA gives us her bow as she come round and perhaps takes a bow before coming along side the dock. It is a splendid shot showing  the size comparison with the fishing boat crossing her. What an awesome view it would have been from their spot on the water.  A mammoth image by Molly.

FOOTNOTE. FOCUS FORCE Kids With Cameras Coordinator has no input into or influencing in the CHOICE MAKERS decisions, other than selecting the finalists.  

   WOULD YOU LIKE TO ADD A COMMENT ABOUT THE SUPER SHOT SUBMISSIONS or just POST A PRAISE to make their day? Whichever, you are welcome to do it here by entering in the comments section below, and send it direct to FOCUS FORCE Kids With Cameras. For each POST Of PRAISE made before 5.00 pm Thursday they will earn 50 reward points. Also if you would like to know more about the program, and perhaps register a Kids With Camera child, you are welcome to use it for that too.

 HOW TO POST A PRAISE; Choose the SUPER SHOT submission you like most. Go to bottom here, and click on “leave a comment” then  nominating the Kids With Cameras name, and the image number in the post. Then add a few words of praise to encourage them. It’s that easy.


First and foremost to each of the CHOICE MAKERS including The Glenelg Shire Mayor. Cr. John Northcott. Captain Damaschke, The Premier of Victoria. The Hon Dr. Denis Napthine, MP Member for South West Coast, and Federal Member for Wannon Mr. Dan Tehan. MP.

MS EUROPA – Captain Hagen Damaschke and crew.

HAPAG LLOYD CRUISES. Head office. Hamburg Germany.




PORTLAND PRIMARY SCHOOL as host for exhibition and the task of Ambassadorial school.



About focusfor

The FOCUS FORCE photographic workshop program for Kids With Cameras is based in Melbourne, Australia. The projects have gone beyond the Victorian borders, into New South Wales, and Tasmania.Through others including a backpacker it has been provided to children in Thailand, and a teacher in Portugal has inspired children there as well. Apart, from the fun of learning about the camera and developing the skill of taking better photos; the best of which are raised to the status of SUPER SHOTS,the works have been mounted as collections under the banner of the FOCUS FORCE FRIENDSHIP EXHIBITIONS, and sent as gifts of friendship and goodwill to the United States, Italy, Japan, China - others are still being worked on. The program enrciches the children's knowledge, and as a side benefit makes them more aware of their own surroundings,and all that is to value where they live. Then comes the delight of being achievers, and having their self esteem boosted by their successes.The term "kids with cameras" was first used by the program's forerunner; CLICKER - the "club for kids with cameras", and dates back to the mid 1980's. The name change came about as wanting to be more appropriate to the older student group that the program now works with.

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  1. SBME150CA1 Catrioina – I love this shot!! Its kind of like a new world experience for this history making moment. Well done!

  2. SBME17sSF7
    Stacey love the effect you have created by taking your photo down low, the texture of the sea against the cruise ship looks amazing

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